Foreign language courses

  • There are two types of courses available at ISLLS. For each of the language there are
  • 1. International Courses
  • 2. Studies Courses.
  • All the courses, International Courses or the Studies courses are based on CEFR (Common European Framework for Reference for Languages). These courses are to satisfy the students need for getting jobs, study abroad or to get best result in language learning.

Study abroad program

  • Thinking about to go abroad for higher studies? Is your dreaming destination is US or UK or European Country or you want to pursue your studies in Australia or New Zealand. Or you dream to get admission in the Universities in South Asian Countries. Then Global Campus will be your best companion to fulfill your dream. Global Campus is the initiative taken by ISLLS to give you the opportunity for study abroad in the EU and non-EU countries. Even Global Campus provides you the financing assistance to achieve your goals.

Smartness & leadership development programs

  • As global competition intensifies, visionary companies are investing in a pipeline of emerging executives who can help them build and secure a competitive edge. The Smartness and Leadership Development Program (SLDP) speeds this time-consuming process with a better understanding of the global marketplace and a more integrated view of the organization. You will emerge from Smartness and Leadership Development Program (SLDP) ready to drive change, innovation, and growth in any economy.

International relations initiatives

  • We initiate different programs to enhance the international relations between India and other countries. Such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, China, Japan, Bangladesh and many others. The motive of these program is to develop the education culture of Indian Students. We built the students for a global platform. Develop their ability to compete with the students from around the world. Our members from different countries contribute their knowledge, education, work to facilitate our mission in to a successful story.